Sunday, 4 December 2011

A free program to recover (Recuva) and restore accidentally deleted pictures, photos, and files

Sooner or later you will be desperate to find out how to recover deleted files, because accidentally deleting your precious pictures, photos, and files is bound to happen to anyone. I hope that you do not encounter this dilemma, however if you do, you may possibly have a chance to recover deleted files. One way is to get a professional IT guy that specializes in file or data recovery, which in itself can be very expensive. Maybe you are recovering files from a crashed hard drive and haven’t actually deleted anything or maybe you want to recover deleted pictures from your digital camera. This article is about how to recover deleted files free using software but if you have a crashed hard drive then this is a different story altogether.
Firstly we need to know what has happened to our deleted files so that we can learn which action is best to recover deleted files.