Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shortcut function keys in excel

  1. F1: Opens a help task pane
  2. F1 + Ctrl: Opens or closes the help window
  3. F2: To edit the text in the active cell
  4. F2 + Shift: To write a comment in the active cell
  5. F2 + Alt: Opens the save as dialog box
  6. F3 + Shift: opens the insert dialog box
  7. F3 + Ctrl: Opens the define name dialog box
  8. F3 + Shift + Ctrl:  Opens the create name dialog box
  9. F4:  To redo the last command
  10. F4 + Ctrl: To close the workbook window
  11. F4 + Alt: To close the excel program
  12. F5: Opens the Goto dialog box
  13. F5 + Ctrl: brings back to the first level of workbook
  14. F6: To shift between help taskbar and the excel window
  15. F6 + Shift: To goto the previous square in the open worksheet
  16. F6 + Ctrl: If more than one workbook is open to switch between them
  17. F7: To open spelling correction window
  18. F7 + Ctrl: When workbook window is not maximised it will move the window
  19. F8: To activate / deactivate extended mode
  20. F9: Will calculate all the worksheets in all open workbooks
  21. F9 + Shift: Will calculate the active worksheet
  22. F9 + Ctrl: To Minimise the workbook window
  23. F10: Will select the menu bar
  24. F10 + Ctrl: To open minimised window
  25. F11: Will create a chart using the current range
  26. F11 + Shift: To select a new worksheet
  27. F11 + Alt: To switch between visual basic editor and the worksheet
  28. F11 + Alt + Shift: Opens microsoft script editor
  29. F12: Opens save as dialog box
  30. F12 + Shift: Saves the active workbook
  31. F12 + Ctrl: To open the Open dialog box
  32. F12 + Ctrl + Shift: Opens the print dialog box

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