Wednesday, 9 January 2013

printer settings could not be saved operation could not be completed windows 7

How to: Win 7–Fix for printer share error 0x000006d9

The solution was actually very easy -
1 – Go to Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Services

Once you are in services – go to the bottom and make sure the Windows Firewall is turned on

If the Firewall isn’t turned on – Double click directly where it says Windows Firewall. You will get a pop up window where you can click on start.

Once you have started the Firewall service – > Click on OK.  (You can close the Firewall –> Services –> and Control Panel Windows.
2 – Now try and SHARE the printer, it should share without any errors
3 – If you have a need or reason for running with the Firewall off, you can at this point go back in and stop the firewall in Control Panel – > Administrative Tools –> Services.
You can now attach to your shared printer from other pc’s…….